Finotive Funding
Introducing Finotive Pro

Beyond The Profit Split

Monthly pro-rata salary, lower commissions, 100% profit split, redesigned dashboard and other exclusive benefits

Starting at $550

(refundable after 30 days)

Finotive Funding was established in 2021 with the goal to help traders overcome the obstacle of capital. Finotive Pro builds on that initial vision by providing a unique opportunity for those who are looking for something more - financial stability.

Oliver Newland, CEO

Guaranteed benefits

Hard work pays off, twice

Your salary begins when you complete the challenge with an additional round of benefits 30 days after funding

Challenge stage

  • 7.5% profit target
  • 5.0% profit target
  • No time limit

Funded stage

  • Payroll begins
  • Lower commissions
  • 75% profit split

+ 30 days

  • First salary paid
  • Challenge fee refund
  • 100% profit split

  • Regular salary
  • Exclusive events
  • And much more..

Extra layer of financial security

Monthly salary, earned daily

Focus on long-term growth instead of short-term fluctuations - receive a fixed salary every 30 days regardless of your performance that month.

With Finotive Pro account, you get paid 1% of your capital every month. Whenever you scale, your salary increases proportionally.

Your salary is earned daily - that means in case of an account loss, you will still receive the amount earned to that date with no strings attached.

Monthly salary


Daily rate


This month


Paid assestment period

Show us your unique strategy

You are given 30 paid days to trade without any restrictions before you will be required to maintain a level of consistency.

Integration period

To establish a baseline, your trading will be observed for the first 30 days of funding without any restrictions.

Stage 1
Stage 2
+ 30 days

Live period

To continue receiving salary, maintain your trade quantity and volume within ±25% of your baseline week to week.

7 days

Stay on track with detailed insights

Consistency, measured.

To help you maintain a level of consistency within ±25% of your baseline, we provide you with clear insights and analytics to help you track your progress.

Weekly Trade Quantity measures number of trades you closed at the end of each week.

Weekly Trade Volume measures volume you traded in each instrument class at the end of each week.

Exclusive Early Access

Peek into the future

We have redesigned our dashboard from scratch to elevate your trading experience to another level. Take advantage of real-time updates, detailed analytics and brand new features only available for Pro account holders.

Open your Pro account today

Get access to all the benefits of Finotive Pro account and start trading with a higher level of financial security.

$50K capital

  • 2 challenge stages
  • $500 monthly salary
  • Early access to Finotive 2.0
  • Lower commissions
  • 100% profit split


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$100K capital

Most popular

  • 2 challenge stages
  • $1,000 monthly salary
  • Early access to Finotive 2.0
  • Lower commissions
  • 100% profit split


Open account

$200K capital

  • 2 challenge stages
  • $2,000 monthly salary
  • Early access to Finotive 2.0
  • Lower commissions
  • 100% profit split


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Frequently asked questions

Are there any additional rules?

The Pro accounts have the same drawdown limits and risk rules as their standard challenge counterparts, however as the Pro accounts replicate the conditions employed at professional trading firms, there are some additional rules which must be followed when funded such as the quarterly profit target and consistency rule.

What is quarterly profit target?

The trader must achieve a net profit of 5% every 90-day period when funded. All payouts will be included in this net profit.

What is consistency rule?

The trader must continue to trade as they did during the challenge when funded. This can be monitored in our new dashboard.

What happens if I breach the Consistency Rule or do not reach the Quarterly profit target?

Failing to hit the quarterly profit target or follow the consistency rules will NOT result in account failure, however the account will be demoted to a standard challenge account. Any outstanding pro rata salary will be paid immediately and from that point the trader will not be entitled to any more salary payments on this account.

Are there any additional benefits?

Yes! Along with getting exclusive pro instruments with lower commissions, Pro traders can book a desk on our Budapest trading floor, join in weekly trader briefings and get priority places to any finotive events!